Work permit for Russia

Foreign citizens arriving in Russia only on work visas are permitted to take up employment with legal entities (companies or organisations). This means that a foreign national must first find an employer, or open their own company in Russia, and may only then begin the process of applying for a work permit as a qualified specialist employee.
The category of qualified specialist employee in the Russian Federation covers all foreign workers whose salary falls below 167,000 roubles per month.The process of obtaining a work permit for a qualified specialist consists of three stages, whichaltogether take around 3-4 months to complete.
At the first stage, the employer searches for the company’s vacant position at the Employment Centre, and conducts job interviews. After one month, permission may be sought from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MID) to recruit foreign labour (RPIRS) for the vacancy. Consideration of these documents takes a further month.
Only once the decision from RPIRS is received can an application be made for a work permit and invitation for a work visa for a foreign staffer. This process takes an additional month. It must be noted that a work permits may only be issued for a limited list of vacancies given here, or by making a preliminary quota application to recruit foreign citizens.

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