Study Medical in Russia

Study Medical in russia for indian student

The most popular course among the foreign national is Medicine in Russian Universities. Almost 48,000 foreign national studies medicine in Russian Universities. Most of the students are from Asia and Commonwealth of Independent States. Studying medicine in Russian Universities is also popular amongst the students of Africa and Middle East.
The course period for General Medicine (MD) in Russia is 6 years. Russian Universities provide Medicine program in both English and Russian medium.
To know more about the course details and Universities contact Alidan Education Consultant in Russian Federation.

Why study medical in Russia?

Studying medical in Russia provides many benefits to the students like:

1. The admission procedure is very simple.

2. Students are not required to take any entrance exam for admission in medical colleges in Russia.

3. The quality of education in Russian medical colleges is very high.

4. Many Russian medical colleges offer teaching in English which is a great advantage for foreign students.

5. The living cost and the tuition fee of the medical universities of Russia is much affordable as compared to other countries.

6. The medical universities of Russia are accredited internationally.

7. Russian medical degrees are recognized by WHOUNESCOMCI etc.

8. The students are given practical trainings in clinics and hospitals that help them in understanding their field of study in a much better way.

9. The security in the medical university campuses is well maintained.

10. The visa process for the students is very simple as compared to other countries.

Study Medical in Russia Programmes and Course Duration:

Russian universities offer an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree in General Medicine, Dental and Sports Medicine covering 6-7 years, depending on the language of instruction. Medical courses are offered in both English and Russian languages as per student’s requirement. A medical course taught in the Russian medium takes 7 years to complete, which includes an initial one year language course for international students.

Medical programs in English:

English language programs give students access to modern labs, state of the art hospitals and a degree that is recognized by groups such as the World Health Organization and UNESCO. Medical education in Russia is considered as one of the best in the world

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