Direct Admission for MBBS in Russia is now available in Northern State Medical University

Northern State Medical University

Northern State Medical University

About Northern State Medical University:

NSMU was established in 1932 for training medical personnel in the European North of Russia. It currently hosts about 9000 students from 17 countries in 16 faculties and institutes and has a staff of 980, 394 of which are academics – including 80 professors, 250 PhD. 

The Northern State Medical University (NSMU) is the only institution offering higher education in medicine in the European North of Russia: the NSMU is the northernmost Medical University in Russia. The university got agreements with 6 governors of North-Western Russia. Not only for Arkhangelsk Region, but also for other areas of North-Western Russia (Vologda, Murmansk and Nenets regions; Komi and Karelia republics).  The staff consists of 980 researches, teachers, academicians and professors. There are 18 faculties at the Northern State Medical University.

University buildings are provided with up-to-date equipment: computers, films, video aids, and other modern appliances. Training at the modern center of pre-clinical center presented by a plenty of state-of-the-art medical mannequins and equipment is a part and partial of educational program. At all there are 55 departments, 27 of them are clinical ones and situated at the best hospitals of the city. Well equipped clinical base allow training highly qualified specialists of different profiles according to modern requirements of the health care systems. Today NSMU is the main medical training center for six regions of Northern Russia. More than 100 graduates of NSMU are working abroad (USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark etc) 

 22 graduates have the foreign scientific degrees (PhD). About 30 graduates are preparing their PhD now in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany. The University offers students practical studies and training in Russia and abroad to become doctors, nurses, psychologists, specialists in social work, etc. The graduates are working more than in 20 countries. Number of international students in the NSMU is continuously growing. 

In year 2000 in the Northern State Medical University was opened faculty for foreign students, but already in 1991/1992 the university received its first foreign students from India, Pakistan and Syria. Students represent different countries all over the world: India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaidzhan, Turkey, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Angola, Cameroon, Zambia, Nigeria and Peru.

Northern State Medical University has 3 hostels within the territory of the University. One accommodation can be shared by 3-5 people depending upon the rooms’ size. Each floor has 2 kitchens where students can cook on their own. The continental food is available in the canteen (Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Arabic cuisine). The hostels are completely under 24 hours Security Surveillance.

This University has all the possibilities for students and lecturers to realize their aspirations. There is a dance group called “Youth” in which there are many dance forms such as; pop dance group, a show-ballet, an amateur theater, and a break dancing group.

Also, there are various sports centers and fitness clubs. There is football, ice hockey, skiing, bicycle, tennis volleyball, aerobics, martial arts and much more. It is probably the best place for a refreshing jogging along the banks of North Dvina River.

The Northern State Medical University has experience already for many years in cooperation with foreign partners. The university has partnership agreements, and regularly takes part in international conferences. The other international and multicultural element in the everyday life of the university is you, growing amount of international students. One of the most significant cities of Northern Russia hosts every year hundreds of students, coming from different parts of the world.


The university hosts both faculties and students from countries like India, Georgia, Palestine, Peru, Nigeria , Turkey, Armenia, Pakistan, Angola, Cameroon, Jordan, Belarus, Ukraine etc. NSMU has plenty of options to ensure the overall personality and academic development of their students by having various sports and fitness facilities such as- bicycle, aerobics, skiing, ice hockey, football, martial arts, jogging parks, tennis etc.

The university has 3 hostel blocks with kitchens (students can also use and cook). The mess serves continental food as per the liking of the students such as Indian, Chinese, Arabic etc.). The hostels and mess are made extra safe for students as there is security surveillance and 24-hour helpline no. The student unions are also very famous with majority of students  participating in them.

Eligibility Criteria:

FEE STRUCTURE of Northern State Medical University:


Course name

MD (General Medicine)

Tuition fee

5500 $ per year

Hostel charges

300 $ per year

Medical Insurance &  fee for extension of the multiple-visa

200$ per year


6000 $

Other services provided by Alidan Education Consultant in Russian Federation includes translation of documents into the Russian language and Notarization, Equivalence certificate issuance, HIV test, Malaria D-group test, Fluorography test, Airport pickup, Mobile sim-card, and other miscellaneous services as per requirement [email protected]

MCI approved university.

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