Kursk is a city and the administrative centre of Kursk Oblast, Russia, located at the confluence of the Kur, Tuskar, and Seym Rivers.


Kursk is one of the oldest cities in Russia. It was first mentioned in documents from 1032. Completely destroyed by the Tatars in 1240, it was not rebuilt until 1586, when it became a military outpost to protect the advancing Russian colonization from Tatar attack. The town, however, lost much of its importance at the beginning of the 18th century when the Russian border was moved farther south. 


Kursk is a major industrial center: electrical engineering, instrument-making and machine tools, machinery and equipment for agriculture, food and processing industry, production of commercial equipment, chemical fibers, rubber products, furniture, pharmaceutical production. About 30% of the industrial potential of the Kursk region is concentrated in the city.

Culture and sports

Kursk State University is home to the Russian Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of conductor and trumpet soloist Sergey Proskurin. The orchestra performs regularly, tours internationally and has produced multiple CDs.

Pushkin Theater located in the center of the city. It has permanent company as well as visiting shows.

In 2016, the Russian Women's Hockey League expanded to Kursk, with new club Dynamo Kursk.

Attraction places

Young Defenders of the Motherland Museum. This small museum tells the tragic stories of the children and teenagers who fought against fascism during the ferocious battles of WWII. There's a photo of the youngest soldier, who was just six years old, along wi…

Victory Memorial. Kursk's 'Arc de Triomphe' dominates the northern entrance to the city. The soaring arch is surrounded by military paraphernalia including tanks and heavy artillery from WWII; there's also an eternal flame and a memo…

Regional Museum. Kursk's small regional museum houses exhibits on the area’s natural, artistic and archaeological history, but its focus on wartime Kursk is what draws most visitors.


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