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The university was founded in 1920 by the Russian federation government making it one the oldest and leading medical universities. It is located in Krasnodar, the capital of Krasnodar Krai in South Russia. Approved by MCI, it has various departments such as medical, pediatrics, pharmacy, dentistry etc. With a score of indian students already studying there the newcomers would have a safe and familiar abode.

Student life

The university has more than 4,400 students enrolled with many of them coming from different countries. This cross-culture ensures a well-rounded grooming of their students besides getting the top notch education. The campus has 900 classrooms and labs, 12 lecture halls which can accommodate 1600 students, 12 computer classes in addition to large gardens and picturesque locations.

Fee structure

Course name MD (General Medicine)
Duration 6 years
Tuition fee 350000 RUB per year
Hostel charges 250$ per year
Medical Insurance 100 $ per year
Multiple Visa and Registration 30 $ per year
Fooding 120$-150$ per year

*  Current Conversion Rate : https://www.xe.com

* The fees mentioned are for the 2019-2020 academic year. The actual cost of tuition and fees may change for academic year 2020-2021.

One time charges of 1000 $ includes documents translation into the Russian language and Notarized fee, Equivalence certificate fee , HIV test, Malaria D-group test, Fluorography test, Airport pickup and Mobile sim-card, transportation cost upon medical checkup and other miscellaneous charge.

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