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Kazan Federal University is one of the oldest universities in Russian Federation . KFU  celebrated its 210th anniversary in the year 2014. This milestone can be considered as another gesture of the university’s commitment to its venerable academic mission as one of the most important educational institutions in Russia. Kazan Federal University has gained its international reputation and the credit goes to its notable scholars and graduates whose success has had a advantageous effect on the entire mankind. The unique background of the University has shaped the development of Kazan and the Volga region. In Recent times, Kazan Federal University is a vibrant up to date University which takes part in local and international cooperation, connecting with academia and industry, enhancing the region’s human resources development, as well as top-level research and innovation in different areas.

As of Jan 2020, the University comprises of 18 primary educational units, 2 of which are territorial branches. More than 50,000 students are enrolled in over 600 degree programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level ; Kazan Federal University is recognized by leading medical councils viz. AMC, GMC, MCI etc. Kazan Federal University is an acknowledged center of academic excellence engaged in different forms of international cooperation.

300+ cooperation agreements with partners from 64 countries

Member of 15 International Academic Associations

KFU’s academic profile

Over 50,000 students enrolled in all types of programs

About 9 700 international students from 106 countries*

687 degree programs in various disciplines

10 double-degree programs with partner universities

13 institutes, 3 higher schools, 1 faculty, 2 regional branches in Yelabuga and Naberezhnye Chelny

Nearly 4,000 faculty members

157 invited professors from world-renowned universities and research centers

International student mobility

485 incoming students

326 outgoing students

KFU’s research profile

150 world-class research laboratories (OpenLabs)

71 international projects

162 international scientific conferences and seminars with more than 1,400 international participants

2,328 publications in Scopus and Web of Science

Kazan Federal University’s primary goals are:

– to generate, concentrate and spread knowledge, competences and technologies in response to pertinent global challenges;

– to cherish and multiply spiritual values of the humankind;

– to educate professionals capable of becoming the intellectual elite and able to act in a fast-paced world;

– to ensure synergistic development of science and technology based on integration of education and research;

– to facilitate innovative development of Russian science and education in priority areas.

Course name MD (General Medicine)
Duration 6 years
Tuition fee 391000 Rub per year
Hostel charges 800$ per year
Medical Insurance 150 $ per year
Multiple Visa and Registration 50 $ per year
Fooding 150$-200$ per month

*  Current Conversion Rate : https://www.xe.com


One time charges of 1500 $ includes documents translation into the Russian language and Notarized fee, Equivalence certificate fee , HIV test, Malaria D-group test, Fluorography test, Airport pickup and Mobile sim-card,transportation cost upon medical checkup and other miscellaneous charges.




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