Inter-University Transfer

Students wishing to transfer from any University within Russia are required to submit the following documents for admission:

If a student for transfer to the required university is accepted, he/she shall present the above documents in original.These documents are submitted and verified by the University as well as Ministry of Education of Russia, to assess the individual academic requirements and practical hours. After the approval of the University and the Ministry of Education as per the syllabus and curriculum, the student receives an acceptation letter to join desired University successfully, in any other case the candidate must follow the recommendations set by the University and the Ministry of Education.

Please note that the Universities in Russia accept qualified students from other universities in Russia only. Admissions or transfer of students to various Universities in Russia is carried out as per specified duration dated by the respective University every semester. Admission is based on student’s overall academic record. Some programs are very competitive and the requirements for consideration might be higher.

We at “Alidan” assist and provide support to all our students throughout the procedure.

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