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Belgorod State University

Belgorod State University

About Belgorod State University:

On June 4, 1919 Belgorod Teacher’s Training Institute was reorganized into Belgorod Pedagogical Institute by the order of the People’s Commissariat for Education of the RSFSR, and in 1920 it was reorganized into Belgorod Institute of Public Education. In 1922 Belgorod Institute of Public Education was reorganized into Belgorod Practical Institute of Public Education, which was reordered into the Pedagogical Secondary School in September, 1923.In 1939 it became the Teacher’s Training Institute again. The university had to temporarily suspend its operation in 1941 due to the outbreak of World War II and resumed its work only when the area had been completely liberated from fascists – in 1944, but in a new place – the town of Stary Oskol (Belgorod region) because Belgorod came out of war almost totally destroyed.
Since 1957, the university has been located in Belgorod. Nowadays the university has several campuses in and out of the city.In the early 2000s, the university complex began to develop and expand fast due to new buildings with modern equipment. The number of students over the last 7 years has grown more than three times.

Belgorod State University has:

more than 23 thousand students from all regions of Russia;
● more than 2800 foreign students from 91 countries;
● more than 5000 graduates annually;
● 20 Joint Educational Projects with top universities in Europe and the Asia-Pacific
● 3 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in English
● over 160 agreements for international cooperation
● 14 Associates and Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences
● over 1,100 Doctors and Candidates of Science
● 9 Institutes, 2 Colleges, 1 branch
● co-operational agreements for internship with more than 600 enterprises
● 24 core sub-departments of 105 sub-departments
● more than 180 specialties for Specialists, Bachelors and Masters
● more than 300 additional advanced training programs
● 3 educational programs with the EUR-ACE® (Accreditation of European
Engineering Programs) quality mark
● quality management programs acknowledged by 55 countries of IQNet (USA,
France, Belgium, Portugal, China, Germany, Korea, Austria etc.)
● 19 Candidate and Doctoral Dissertation Councils in 12 sciences
● 54 scientific disciplines for basic and applied research
○ 24 for social and humanitarian specialties
○ 30 for technical and natural scientific specialties
● 2 officially registered science schools
● 55 research centers and laboratories
● 2 common use centers for high-tech scientific equipment
● a regional Microbiological Center
● a ‘Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Research Institute’
● 44 small innovative enterprises
● 25 Postgraduate training programs in 66 specialities
● a Student Union comprising of 22 Student Associations

The Mission of Belgorod State University:

The mission of Belgorod State University (BelSU) is to solve research problems of international and national significance, to harmoniously integrate the educational, research, social and cultural functions of the University, to train highly qualified professionals capable of ensuring the competitiveness of Russia and Belgorod region in the global socioeconomic arena, and to preserve and develop the cultural and moral legacy of the country and the region.

Eligibility Criteria:

Fee structure:


Course name

MD (General Medicine)


5.8 years

Tuition fee

5000 $ per year

Hostel charges

400 $ per year

Medical Insurance

100 $ per year

Other services provided by Alidan Education Consultant in Russian Federation includes translation of documents into the Russian language and Notarization, Equivalence certificate issuance, HIV test, Malaria D-group test, Fluorography test, Airport pickup, Mobile sim-card, and other miscellaneous services as per requirement

MCI approved university.

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