MBBS in Russia

MBBS. Why Abroad?

Medicine is a truly noble profession for the doctors and practitioners are sometimes compared to gods. The professionals take painstaking efforts to acquire the much dignified degree to serve the humanity. They are also known to study and keep polishing their skills till the very last day of their practice. Doctors are among the most reputed people in any society. All that matters to be an excellent doctor is the amount of hardwork, dedication and sincerity invested by a candidate. With the right guidance and support the 5-6 year long strenuous course can me made possible by venturing out abroad.

The number of Asians moving to countries such as Russia has been increasing exponentially in the past 15 years. Students not only get to experience the world class education and practice in high tech labs but also get to experience the world at large.

Why Russia?

Russia is the largest country in the world and a mega education hub for students from all different parts of the world. With courses and opportunities galore, the potential of this place is not unkown. People have been going here to get all kinds of educational degrees and training for many many years now. The country is especially renowned for producing finer doctors and surgeons practicing in the best hospitals and clinics all across the globe.

All the colleges and universities are government operated which ensures that the quality of education and infrastructure does not get compromised. Moreover most of the universities are graded by WHO and almost all of them are approved by the MCI (  Medical Council of India). The cost of education varies largely enabling students from socio-economic status to take benefit right from as low as 6 lacs to 50 lacs (tuition fee only).                          

MBBS in Russia vs MBBS in India.

In India an exam called NEET (national eligibility cum entrance test) is conducted annually  to screen the potential doctors. Besides being one of the most difficult exams the selection of deserving candidates is also nearly impossible because the no. of governments seats to the colleges is pretty scanty. For most universities in Russia on the other hand, the procedure is very straightforward and doesn’t require the students to go through unnecessary screening and rejections. The  medical field is such that it requires hours and hours of self study with determination and discipline be it Russia or India. The field also requires many years to get established thus students must choose wisely when at crossroads because “ time is money and money is money”. 

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