I decided to study in Russia, what should I do to apply?

If you have already decided to study in Russia, you may visit our offices in a country of your residence or send your application request to the Head office of “AliDan” LLC. in Russia. We’ll give you true information on schools and programmes and will help you with submission of documents to enter chosen school and to arrive in Russia.

When does the academic year start and how long do the holidays last?

In Russia all universities and schools start their academic year on September 1st. The academic year lasts 10 months. There are 2 semesters per each academic year with a winter break and a summer break. The first term lasts from September 1st to January 25th, and the second term lasts from February up to the end of June. So students have holidays twice a year. As a rule the beginning of studies at Foundation course starts from October upon group’s formation.

What is grading system in Russia?

Each semester ends with an exam session. Grading system in Russia is from 2 to 5, where 2 is "Fail" and 5 is "Excellent." Some of the classes use a pass/fail grading system. If a student passes exams successfully he or she may continue education in the next term or year.

How may parents know about my academic progress?

«AliDan» LLC. is constantly monitoring academic progress of its students during all their tutorial in Russia. We offer information about student’s academic progress upon parents’ request.

What is a Preparatory course?

Foundation program (or preparatory course) is created for foreign citizens without any knowledge or with an insufficient knowledge of Russian language for further education in chosen programmes in Russian language. The course duration is 1 academic year. The beginning of the course is upon groups' formation starting from October. Training is carried out in groups of 5-12 students. Under the Foundation Program foreign listeners study Russian language and main courses of a chosen programme. The foreign listeners who successfully passed the examinations receive a Certificate of the Preparatory department and can be accepted for the first course of the corresponding faculty.

Do you offer programmes taught in foreign languages?

For foreign students Russian Universities offer a number of popular programmes taught in English or French language. To study in English or French you don’t need any special international tests like IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, DALF, TCF and others. To make the process of adaptation in Russia easier a course of Russian language is included in every programme. Russian language knowledge is necessary in everyday life in Russia, besides it helps in training process, giving more opportunities to students.

May I get a place in student’s hostel in Russia?

All foreign students, coming to Russia with «AliDan» LLC. are provided with places in a comfortable students' hostel. As a rule there are rooms for 2 or 3 people. All rooms have necessary furniture (beds with bedclothes, cupboards, bed-side tables, tables, chairs etc.) There are kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, halls for studying, cafes, sport rooms, laundries and the Internet access in students' hostels. Communal areas are cleaned by cleaning workers and the rooms are to be kept in order by the students. The safety in hostels is kept by security. All hostels have a special pass system.

Do foreign students get any privilege in Russia?

All students in Russia, including foreign students have some privilege, like travel privilege, discounts in shops, cafes, entertainment centres, theatres, cinemas and so on.

Is it safe in Russia?

Russia is a multinational country; more than 190 peoples live in its territory. It is a secular state that requires the freedom of conscience, so that is why in Russia there are many people of different nationalities, cultures and confessions. There are more than 5 million students in Russia and over 200 thousand foreign students, so their life is very safe.

What is Russia famous for?

Russia- it is:

  • The largest country in the world.
  • 160 nationalities.
  • 11 clock zones.
  • The only country in the world, washed by 12 seas.
  • Rich natural resources.
  • The richest mineral and energy resources.
  • The richest resources of natural gas, peats, forest, salt, potable water, sturgeon, crabs, stannary, zink, titanium, jet metal, nickel, ironstone, diamonds and silver.
  • The first in the world in oil and gas extraction.
  • The first in the world is steel export.
  • The biggest in the world renewable resources.
  • The deepest lake in the world (Lake Baikal) .
  • The deepest underground in the world (in Saint-Petersburg city).
  • The longest railway in the world (Trans-Siberian line).
  • Eminent scientists and inventors.
  • Rich culture and art.
  • High quality education.
  • Over 5 million students.
  • The biggest in the world University building (Moscow State University).
  • The greatest scientific inventions (radio, television, videotape recorder, helicopter, parachute, photochromy, periodic table, personal computer, electromobile, light bulb, electrical submarine, electron microscope, bomber, mechanical heart model, gasoline-engine, heat-engine, grain harvester, searchlight, automatic telephone system, electromotor and many others.).
  • Eminent Olympic, World and European champions in all kind of sports.
  • Famous Russian ballet.
  • The richest literature.
  • Outstanding composers and musical heritage.

What type of climate is in Russia?

Russia is the largest country in the world, its length from the West to the East is about 7000 kilometers and from the North to the South is about 2000-3500 kilometers, so the climate in Russia is very different from one place to another. But the biggest part of its territory is situated in temperate zone. The seasons in Russia are strongly marked (autumn, winter, spring and summer). The average temperature in summer is + 25 С and in winter about -3-12 C. Weather conditions are different from region to region.

Do I need insurance in Russia?

According to the law of the Russian Federation all foreign citizens must have medical insurance to maintain life and health insurance in Russia. A foreign student may be registered in Migration service only having medical insurance. So «AliDan» LLC. organization undertakes the question of insurance for foreign students. The insurance guarantee healthcare services whenever it is necessary.

Who meets me when I come to Russia?

«AliDan» LLC. or our partner companies meet our students at the international airports and accompany them to the city and university of study, help them with accommodation and processing of documents necessary to study in Russia.

Who may I address when I have any question?

In case of any queries do not hesitate to contact «AliDan» LLC., we are responsible for our students during all their tutorial in Russia. We are always at your disposal.

How can I get the fees structure for the chosen university?

All the potential applicants are welcomed to go through the information on the fees structure for Russian universities on our websites:

I want to go to Russia for my further studies but I'm not qualified in NEET. What am I to do?

If you want to go to Russia for MBBS studies without NEET, you will not be able to practice medicine in India after your graduation.You can apply to the pre-medical course for 1 year in Russia and then pursue MBBS training in Russia as well. 

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