Benefits For Students

Russia has gained the second highest position in college level education among 35 OECD( Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) in 2016. The living expenses for students are less compared to the Western world. In 2016 the US company Bloomberg rated Russia’s higher education as the third best in the world, measuring the percentage of high-school graduates who go on to attend colleges, the annual science and engineering graduates as percent of all the college graduates, and science and engineering graduates as percent of the labor force. There are uncountable benefits of studying in Russia.Here are some glances:

A Wide-Range Opportunity. One of the best benefits in studying in Russia is that you can discover yourself in a new way and can store a lot of knowledge about a new culture,different subjects and can find a new yourself.Russia is namely known for its strong academic schools in physics,mathematics and natural sciences.Russia is the most popular destination for foreigner students. You can check it’s world ranking clicking here “read more”.

Low Cost No Donation. Education in Russia is predominantly authorized by the state and the Ministry of Education and Science. One of the tempting reason to study in Russia for the foreigners is the low cost tuition fees. The tuition fees are very economical compared to USA, UK and other from the other countries in Europe. So here you can acquire the best education at low cost.

Get Scholarships and Free Tuitions. Government of Russian Federation has set a number of scholarships for foreign students along with the free tuition, student accommodation and maintenance allowance. Russia is one of the few countries which gives the students an opportunity to get scholarships and free tuitions. There is also many other non-governmental and Russian Specific Scholarships for Foreigners .

Learn a New Language. In Russia not only you can obtain knowledge in your field but also you can learn a new language, Russian.Russian is a very easy language to learn and is spoken by 260 million people around the world. Russian universities offer different Russian language learning program along with courses, summer schools and distance learning. Russia also offers free of change language courses for the students, enrolled in state funded places.

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