Bashkir State Medical University

Fee Structures
Bashkir State Medical University

The Bashkir State Medical Institute was founded in 1932. In 1995 it was reorganized into the University. 

It is considered to be the centre of medical and pharmaceutical science of Bashkortostan Republic. Among the Indian students, BMSU is one of the popular Universities for many years to pursue MBBS in Russia.

The Bashkir State Medical University has 7 faculties:

  • General Medical Faculty
  • Pediatric Faculty
  • Dentistry Faculty
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • Preventive Medicine Faculty
  • Faculty of Management and Graduate Nurses
  • Faculty of International Relation

The undergraduates practice at the clinics of the University. The students have all the facilities to earn out their research works under the supervision of their teachers. The students’ scientific society is of great importance for the training of young specialists.

With 69 departments, with over 8 thousand Russian and foreign students, is proud to have history of educating international students from the UK, the USA, Portugal, Argentina, Australia, Sweden, Greece, Israel, India, Jordan, Iran, Yemen, Cameroon, Cyprus, China, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, etc.

There is an accommodation of 2000 students in 5 hostels. Two or three students can share one room. The students are provided with proper bedding and hostel rooms are fully furnished and centrally heated (like air-conditioned). Separate rooms are allotted to boys and girls. Also, there is internet facility provided by the University. All the hostels are secured by the police security.

BSMU has perfect surroundings for studies as well as leisure. There is an Extra Curricular Department which includes soccer, volleyball, basketball, power lifting, chess, and mountain climbing classes. There is a summer sport camp which is located on the picturesque bank of the Belaya River. Both the staff and the students have the opportunity to spend their summer vacations there. In summer camp, there are boat trips, playgrounds, and saunas.

Bashkir State University is proud to be called the first higher education institute in Bashkortostan. It is home to many famous Bashkirian, as well as Russian scientists, researchers, Mathematicians, Economists, poets. It is especially strong in Organic Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Philology, Information Technologies, Geophysics, and petroleum engineering. Many prominent applied mathematicians and physicists were among the faculty at Bashkir State University at different times, including Academicians Nikolay Bogolyubov, Alexei Leontiev, Valentin Napalkov and Professor of Philology Gabdulkhay Kh. Akhatov.

Fees Structures MBBS 2019-2020!: 
 Total amount to be paid in Russia for 1st  Year 6000$ * 67 INR = 4,02,000/- INR 
Hostel fee Included
Fees to be paid from 2nd to 6th  per year 

3663$ * 67 INR = 2,45,421/- INR Per Year

Total amount to be paid in Russia 24,315$ * 67 INR = 16,29,105/- INR 
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Total Fee for the 1st year in Russia, i.e. 6000$ includes Tuition fees, Hostel fees,Medical insurance, State duty for multiple visa, Equivalence certificate fee, Documents translation into the Russian language  and Notarized fee, HIV certificate, Books, Mobile SIM-card, Airport Pick up upon arrival and all other charges of the university as required. 1$=67 INR approx.


  • Consulting in choosing best University for a certain program.
  • Guidance for submission of documents for admission process.
  • Invitation letter from a certain University.
  • VISA preparation and visa fees.
  • Processing of legalization & Apostle MEA Stamping (in Delhi ) on 10th and 12th Mark sheet and 12th Pass Certificate.
  • Guidance for necessary  medical certificate HIV and Fitness.
  • Guidance for Forex and Ticketing.
  • Consultancy Service Charges.

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