It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that our organization “AliDan” Limited Liability Company provides consultancy and recruitment of students who are willing to go abroad for higher studies. Recently we are associated with prominent universities in Medical Engineering, and Aviation sector that are recognized worldwide for generating excellent students as per international standard. The lists of such universities are enclosed and will be sent for your kind perusal.

“AliDan” Limited Liability Company is the only company interested in standardizing and evaluating the recruitment of students and in matching the global standard across universities. It is a purely based Indian company which recruits the best and willing students and is run by two directors who established themselves in India and Russia’s education market with top universities.

All our staff are competent and experienced employees.

The core business is to introduce students to Russia to enhance their respective career as per their enrollment in particular departments that they opted for.

The Alidan office is run by an Indian Business Development Manager who works with the associations of various government embassies of different countries in for genuine documentation processes. He is also engaged in recruitment and relationship building to maintain a high standard when working with students and other official dignitaries.

We also have other agents under his astute guidance working in different states and across the globe for hiring students to study in Russia/ Ukraine/ Belarus/ Germany and other worldwide destinations.

We have representatives in other representatives across the globe to help to deliver our core services such like:

Consultancy and guidance on the most relevant training and academic courses available in Russia.

Provision of information about our partner institutions so as to ensure students can make the best decisions on where to study in  Russia.

Assistance in visa application with a clear explanation of all legal restrictions to students.

Arrangement of suitable accommodation for students whenever necessary.

Provision of advice and guidance about studying away from home in another country.

Ensuring that all of our partner tertiary institutions keep up with the times.

Yours Sincerely,
“AliDan” Limited Liability Company.

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