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Russia is one of the most hospitable nations in the world! It takes good care of its foreign guests but the money matters are always of your own! To fully enjoy your student life in Russia you should have a fair knowledge of what you are going to face in the foreign country and at what cost! The different degree programs typically cost around $2000 to $8000 in per year. The exact cost varies depending on the major taken as well as the institution granting the degree. In addition to tuition fees, prospective students also need to take into consideration the living cost in Russia. Rent in most cities may cost on the average around $550 for 1-bedroom apartment, with basic utilities coming at around $95 a month. Some universities offer accommodation in dorms, which typically cost less than renting in the city center. Cheap meals cost on the average around $5 to $9, while non-alcoholic local beer is available for around $2 per half-liter. For more details you can check this page.


There are many stores of popular brands, both international and Russian in Russia. It is true that clothing prices are generally higher than ones in Europe but high-quality and cheap clothing can always be found during the sales. It is recommended to buy winter items (hat, scarf, big coat, fur-lined boots) here as they are of better quality than ones in the West and are more suited to the Russian climate. However, other clothes tend to be poorer quality for higher prices, so we recommend you do your clothes shopping before you arrive. If you want to make long-distance telephone calls you should use international phone cards that offer very good rates: a $20 card provides almost 2 hours when calling Europe and America from Russia. Any calls you make within the city you are living in will be free of charge.


Your weekly grocery bill is likely to be around $40-80 per person (all prices are in USD). You can buy a fairly decent three-course meal for about $20 per person. If you eat out at lunchtime during the week, you can get a three-course business lunch for around $5. A 0.5 l glass of beer costs on average $2.


There are two primary types of health insurance in Russia: the compulsory insurance known as OMC, and privately purchased medical insurance, or DMC. OMC is provided by the state and is provided free to Russians. But there is also VMI (Voluntary Medical Insurance) for foreign citizens and stateless persons on the territory of RF. The insurance costs 5000 to 9000 roubles per year,which covers the whole education period along with many more facilities. But the people from abroad, including international students, are encouraged to purchase private health insurance in Russia. International students should consider purchasing medical insurance in Russia that covers both medical care in Russia and medical evacuation back to their home country. It is generally wise to check to make sure your insurance policy covers medical evacuations before your stay in Russia, as medical evacuations are very expensive.

In some cases, however, they are the only option, as the quality of Russian medical care varies throughout the country. Most patients from abroad pay for medical services in cash and receive reimbursement from their insurance company upon their arrival back home.




The Internet Subscription in Russia per month is $ 10 to $ 15. You will get a high speed net connection at a cheap price. You can buy the SIM cards at the phone stores here showing your national passport and a migration card. When you buy a SIM-card, the cost of the card is credited to the phone number account and then you top up the balance depending on the tariff plan.


The average cost of a monthly pass to fitness centres varies from 1,700 to 4,500 roubles (USD 26-75) in Moscow and from 1,500 to 3,400 roubles (USD 13-56) in other regions. When you buy an annual pass, the average monthly cost will be lower. A monthly swimming pool pass costs between 2000 and 12000 roubles (34$-208$) in Moscow and less elsewhere. Many universities have their own gyms, swimming pools, and sports centres where services are cheaper than in the city or even free for university students.




A ticket to an English-language cinema costs $10, but you can watch movies in Russian for $5 or less. Theatre, opera and ballet tickets may cost as little as $3 but expect to pay $10 – $20 for decent seats. Entrance to the museums and art galleries may cost around 50 cents to $10, depending on the place and the discounts you can get. Cover charges for nightclubs, if there is one, usually on the average are around $5 – $10.


A monthly metro pass costs between 250 roubles ($8) and 500 roubles ($16). Bus, tram and trolleybus tickets cost 10 – 50 cents (for one journey, irrespective of length). Trips and Excursions: Day trips to Golden Ring towns can be arranged independently for $10 – $20. Train travel in Russia is of extremely good value (a 3rd class ticket from Moscow to St. Petersburg costs about $12). Outside Moscow and St Petersburg it is usually possible to arrange accommodation for $20 – $30 per night, although that may mean Soviet-style hotels where service and decor leaves a lot to be desired.

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